Unique ways to celebrate Christmas 2016

Unique ways to celebrate Christmas 2016

Unique ways to celebrate Christmas 2016 that interesting feeling of Christmas a little elusive this season get Unique ways  to enjoying the season best celebration Christmas day

Unique ways to celebrate Christmas 2016

I’m discovering that interesting feeling of Christmas a little elusive this season. I thought it would be different since we aren’t having difficulties financially this Christmas like we were the last few decades. I thought that with not having to fear about being able to afford for everything such like presents for everyone that it would take the stress off and make it easier to relax and enjoy the season. Instead, I feel like it is nearing so quickly and I still  don’t feel like I’ve become a ‘part’ of the merriment.

I know the main culprit is long working hours, which I am realizing that I have to draw the line with that and actively take some time for some “downtime”. So this past weekend we went to visit my sister and her children and took a lot of  blank cards with us for the kids to “make” our Christmas cards for us. They enjoy it and they are so naturally creative!  Just this simple action and getting out to see family helped it feel more like Christmas for me.

I want to keep going with it, though! So after a shorter nap after working today, I was trying to think of ways on how
to “join” in on the spirit of unique Christmas. Investing a longer period with loved ones is certainly as a way. And I think  we lastly need to go through the bags littered throughout our living room and take out the Christmas decorations and  put them up. And you know what I’d like? Some garden decorations! We haven’t put any out the last few decades, even  though we have the decorations. I think that would like be Christmas. Reminiscing when I was a kid and my dad put  lights on the garden with decorations up outside. Us kids we would play around the lights for a long period hours in  the chilly, Christmas-y air, and it seemed so perfect.

I also think I’m going to create some treats this season to pass out. I discovered a recipe ingredient that looks exciting, and I think I want to try my hand at making some raspberry hazelnut triangles cookie for the first time.  And what about a white chocolate almond blondies? My Mom always created those when we were children (and still, does  sometimes)…they were always one of my favorite. I also think I should go for a walk with my dog on a freezing night  time with a cup of hot chocolate with chocolate buttons on top!

Well, I got to start on enjoying the season of Christmas when we used evening with my sister and her children, making the cards.  I think it is high-time I purposefully create more of an attempt to be “in” the season, instead of sitting back and waiting for it to uncover me. How do YOU like to get in the spirit of Christmas and relish the holidays?







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