Christmas Stocking Tips and Buying Guide

Christmas Stocking Tips and Buying Guide

Christmas Stocking Tips and Buying Guide 2016 have each of your family members pick out a stocking in their favorite color and line the top with white velvet.

Christmas Stocking Tips and Buying Guide

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Christmas morning is always a magical time, and one aspect that is forever in the hearts of children and parents alike is the Christmas stockings. Every year, children rush downstairs, eager to see if they have received candy and presents in their stocking or if Santa has filled it with coal. In picking out personalized Christmas stockings for your family, you want to be sure that each one reflects the personality of the owner while adding to the festivity of your household. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect monogrammed Christmas stocking for each member of your family:

You may wish to choose a theme for the stockings.

Does everyone have a favorite reindeer from Rudolph or character from Frosty the Snowman? If so,you can purchase
stockings containing these designs or even buy patterns to make your own, and allow children to add decals to further personalize their stockings. Another idea for themed stockings is to pick a Christmas character, such  as an angel or snowman, and allow each person to decorate their own stocking using this character as the centerpiece. To see how your children have grown and changed from year to year, consider choosing a new theme every couple of years and hanging older stockings throughout the house during the Christmas season in .

Create personalized stockings with individual’s names.

Have each of your family members pick out a stocking in their favorite color and line the top with white velvet. Then, write each person’s name along the top. You can purchase solid colored stockings in a variety of sizes at many local stores, or you can make them yourself using material from a craft store. Children may wish to add designs that are important to them, such as a football or set of ballet shoes. If you have a family pet, the children may enjoy decorating a stocking for the cat or dog. You may even encourage them to buy small toys or treats for the pet to put in the stocking on Christmas Eve.

Remember that stockings can add to the decorative nature of your home.

If you use certain colors throughout your other Christmas decorations, such as green, red, and gold, then you may wish to include these in your stockings. You may also want to have a set of stockings that hang from the fireplace mantle throughout the Christmas season and a second set that gets hung solely for Christmas Eve.We hope you found this article useful. Please share with your family and friends in . You never know if they are  interested in Christmas Stockings in .for more information







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